Financial pains can be the sinner of physical pains in your body, often in your shoulders, spine, breast back, lower back and other places

Financial Pains – your bodys physical Painmonster.

Financial pains – can be one of your bodys physcial painmonster. The spine holds the energy of race, cultures,
family, lifeforce, the lower back is centered around financial issues, guilt, shame etc.
By working on your celleular memory due to experiences that has left negative beleifs and energies in your body,
you can relief not only your financial stress, but also get rid of physical pains in the body.
You might be sceptic now, but I tell you I have worked with tons of bodies, that has releifed from painissues
while working on their financial blockages. And I will even give you a deep example in a minute. But first what
does it mean to have financial pains looking at your body systems?
Having financial issues, means your body, spine, lower back and often also your family/tribe carryes experiences
that has created beleifsystems that attracts these elements in your life – and this often can develop a painmonster
in your body. Why a painmonster? – Because the spine and the lower back attaches to a lot of the other energies
and organs in the body. So having trouble in the spine, lower back, often gives other problems in other parts in
your body – because the discs and muscles and spine pressures the nerves and these connect with organs and then,
the organs do not have the ability to fully do the work as good as normally. Also Shoulders holds burdens you
carry from others and often we find financially burdens in a lot of men, but also in women – very often in career
So financial pains can actually have great impact on your health issues in the body – women or man. Also the
shame, guilt from that is held in the breast back and lower back, and attracts unwanted bacterias which again can
cause pains in the skeleton systems or other body systems.
Maybe you ask yourself, how can this be true? Actually it is true, because when you work with the spine, it is
what supports you, your body, it is the connection with the creative force, and your overall emotionally
supportsystem. Th bones supports your whole body. So if you do not feel emotionally and financially supported,
this will affect your spinebalance. If you lack flow in your life – often beleifs related to your lifeforce is found in
the spine, or beleifs around being abandonded, left behind, rejected and disconnected, separated, this also creates
unbalance in your spine and bones. If you cannot attract abundance or has financial issues, this does not help you
feel emotionally supported. You feel alone, lonely, give up, being rejected by the universe. See the deal with the
universe is actually that you are aloud to have all the abundance you would like, there is more than enough for all
of us.
If you have a look at these systems, running from old ancient times, old tribes, your inheritance, this is what you
will find around all the energies in the spine from culture, races, religions, and tribes etc.
It is amasing what our body memorises on the cellular level, and how these bad memories can create not only
financial pains in your body, but worry and angst and fear, mistrust and lack of confidence – and in the process
physical pains different places in your body. Also the painshifters know exactly how to access your cellular
memories in the body, and help you release the beleifsystems and energies that attracts your current financial
pains and body pains, so you can start attracting more with ease and grace. Painshifters consultant works by
shifting the negative beleifs and emotions and other energies into positive energies, so whenever you have worked
through an issues, this will be done, and you can start working on others issues, without having to keep working
on the same issues and symptons all the time. This great tools painshifters has, is amasing and does create
miracles in the body. But we must warn you, you will be so happy, that you might want to work even more, when
you experience the ease and grace, you can have in your body and by creating your dreams as you go with
lightness and no hardship.

Here is where you probably will say (just as I said years ago)Can this be true, is this really possible?  Do you have
an example? Yes as a matter of fact, I just had a client, which was so interesting because of several mechanisms,
that I had to write a blogg about it. So here it comes and I hope this will give you intense insight and make you
wonder about what a Painshifter can help you shift in your financial issues.
The client is a he, and he said, why have I lost the 2 weekend jobs I just got, I have been visualizing on getting
more money and customers, and earning more money every day. This seemed to work, and then I got the jobs,
and then a few days after they where cancelled.
What I told him is, that when we start manifesting/visualizing big in our lives, the old belief systems comes up,
and gets ready to be changes to positive.

In a double session we worked with issues down the spine, but related to his blockages in his chest and stomach
area (worry area). Money issues is one of the massive worry area for a lot of people, so I can only encourage you
all, to start working with your beleifsystems creating these worries for you in your life. But what came out of this
fear work, of fearing there is never enough money, was a whole lot of lifes, where his tribe has actually had
wealth, but then where attacted by other tribes, got stolen their wealth, got slaughtered down, lost their lifes, being
murdered, and also therefore they had to give up wealth to feel peace, security and avoid being attacked etc.
So in clear language his body said (I want money, but I don’t want money). I will not have them completely,
because I will die, my tribe will be attacked, my tribe will die etc. One of the other mechanism where also that the
tribe had learned that they could only take care of each other and be tied together deeply, when they had to go
through (in this case) money/lack of wealth/loosing their abundance (HØST).  So therefor it was easier to not have
abundance, but just have the tribes helping each other, being there for each other. So when we changed all the
gifts on this, the body and pain shifted in the body. His pressure in solarplexus, the worries took of, and he got a
whole new balance in his body.
I am amased what these Painshifter tools help people with day after day, and it is a total joy to see, how we
ourselfes by getting rid of old experiences, and the negative beleifsystems, can create much more ease and grace
in our lifes. I look forward to receive a super positive SMS from my customer, that he can attract more and new
clients and money and even be able to keep the money and also keep the jobs, and have much more ease at
creating the life he would like to create with ease and happiness.
What moneypains is holding pains in your body? Shoulders, spine, lower back ?
What is your money issues currently or has been your whole life?

 Are you able to attract money?
 Are you able to keep money or do you use them straight away?
 Do you loose money before they arrive to you?
 Are you able to have a lot of money ?
 Can you save money or does money go out as quickly as they come in your account?
 What is your family issues with money? Are they poor ? Are they wealthy?
 Are you able to earn more than your spouse ? Or do you only earn less?
 What are your great fears around money ? Theres is never enough?, I am unable to create enough?, there is never
customers enough? I get paied badly? I cant ask for money ? being paied for my job is not aloud? I have to do
everything for free, or cheap to be loved? I will be expelled by my family /society if I have more, I will be alone if
I am rich, my tribe will be killed if we own to much?
 Do you trust that money can come into your life everyday ? Do you mistrust yourself with money?

So ask yourself these questions and see what comes up.
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Make sure to book a double session, most people have a lot of financial pain issues inherited.

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