We invite You into the magical creation with Thetahealing Technique, so You know how to create a divine flowing business and life, and can clear new obstacles with ease and joy, along the way, when creating your dreamlife and business.

Course: Thetahealing DNA2 Basic

Awaken Your magical soul capacities 

Accelerate and awaken your psychic abilities and gifts

Dissolve your internal subconscious barriers to a successful career 

Open the floodgates to the prosperity in your brilliant body & business, that you have been unconsciously blocking

Learn the magical tools, to keep You daily in high frequency, so You can attract what You dream of with ease, and from within.

Learn how to clear obstacles along the way, building your life, carreer, business, wealth, health, relationships 


Course: Thetahealing DNA2 Advanced

Learn deeper magical tools to 

Revive a faltering relationship

Open your heart to new love

Delve into the enchantment of the spiritual realm

Raise your vibration

Access more energy

Create balance in your life

Develop self-confidence

Waking up the healing capacity slumbering within you

Take a journey within to intuitively meet the human body

Communicate with your guardian angels and guides

Interact with your higher self 

Start creating from alignment from higher self, instead of creating selfsabbotage

Learn to clear the deepest fear, that hold you back from creating more in lifem business, health, carrer, relationships

Course: Manifesting & abundance

Learn to find the deep subconscous beliefs holding you back in relationships to business, money, wealth, and relationships

Understand the dynamics on different levels with money judgements, faulty definitions and untruth, that holds you back in creating wealth. 

Open the attraction of more money and prosperity

Open up the root chakra and sexual chakra for more divine flow into you business, and life and body

Open up to trusting the universe and having faith in divine synchronisities around money and relationships

Learn to boost your relationship with money and upgrade your money mindset to a higher frequency

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