3 DNA Secrets – Personalized Programme

23,886.00 kr. inklusiv moms

3-Month Deep DNA Healing program

* 12 sessions Clearing and shifting negative programming, traumas, resistance and avoidance etc.
* Tailored Energy clearing soundfiles to Your needs
* Tool to Manifesting each week
* Teaching of tool to clear the deep subconscious sorrow – that only clears with this tool- and opens and allows the joyflow!!
* Weekly Remote healing (without you participating)
* VIP Access, to write Anjasafira once a week

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Deep DNA programming
– The program that supports you and your business in growth for 3 month:

We work through different body blockages, that holds you from attracting clients instead of chasing clients.
We work with aligning you and your body and soul and the desired business growth and sales expansion
We work through your blockages in you receiving and beeing in flow, listening to yourself your soul your clients, your body
We work through the resistens, the fights, the battles and conflicts that has been stopping you in focusing on your desires and holding clients and growth away
We work with your intuition, clearaudience, clairvision, clair cogniance to ensure clarity for the next steps to take – aligned with your souls and bodys desires
We work on opening up for creating what you desire
We work on opening up you heartfrequency, to align and attract easy what and who you desire, not only in a client perspective – but it will help you in terms of all types of relationships, alliences, business partners, romantic partners, friends etc.

Training excercise to clear old blocking sorrow and sadness (1-2 hours per week)
Soundfile to train Your connection with the divine & dooing it in a secure way (use as needed)
Training to ensure You expanding You and Your bodys Expansion of consciousness (at least 2 times a week on your own)
Soundfile to guide You through weekly manifestation to support Your business sales and attraction of clients that align with your soul.
Personal Adjusted Soundfiles to hear at night to clear resistance and bring up deep subconscious trauma, blocking you in business attraction)

This program ensures to opens up your Love. selflove, Kindness, Acceptance, Tolerance, Clarity, Truth. Trust, faith, cooperation, connection and focus on You and Your deep desires, clearing deep subconscious programming, traumas and negative frequincies inviting in postive frequencies and so much more – All the elements you go through is to make sure You attract business, clients and sales growth a lot easier – from the attraction perspective, not struggles and hard work and chasing clients.

I am here to support You and Your business on this Journey, I’ve got your back.
Thanks Anjasafira