3 DNA Secrets

Blocking you from attracting enough clients as a lightworker. 



What we will transform on your free DNA Healing strategy meeting

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                                                          Client Stories

When first signing up for this program, I had a little doubt, because I have done a lot of inner work in many years. 

But already during the program, I felt an amasing shift internally. Which soon after gave results externaly. 

I was surprised after this class, how much my business and sales expanded, just by doing this inner work.

I should have done this SecretDNA Healing Program years ago, instead of waisting time and money and hard work.

Enjoy, Lightworker Erline, New York. United States

This program is the best investment I have made.

Already during the program, my client attraction scaled up, and sales was a lot easier to close, I feel a lot more joy serving more clients, my resistance towards different targetgroups are completely gone, i serve with love, joy and understanding. And I get better testimonials than before. Also doubled my price and get even better clients than before, that pay without any questions. 

Thank you, will wish recommend any lightworker to go through this program. Anjasafira works efficiently and deep. 

Seema (38 years), Lightworker NY, United States. 


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