We will help you resolve negative emotions, beliefs and energies related to unwanted pregnancy and after abortion.
We have expertise from many years work with women helping them become more happy, more energy and have a meaningful live after unwanted pregnancy and after abortion.
We use a double session to help you through the experience and shift negative emotions like shame, guilt, blame, regret, hatred, hurtred and feeling wrong, never good enough etc.
What would your life look like if you did not have all these negative emotions anymore, ,and you had energy to focus on alle the positive things you would love to have in your life instead.

#Beliefsshiifters #Beliefsshiifters #thetahealing #Thetahealing #anjasafira
#Beliefsshiifters #Beliefsshiifters #thetahealing #Thetahealing #anjasafira

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30 okt. kl. 18.30-20.30, 31 okt 9.00-12.00, 1 nov 9.30-12.30


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